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Tai Chi is beneficial in everyday life, especially at times of illness and stress. Tai Chi is inclusive to all; one can practice Tai Chi regardless of age or ability. Today its benefits outweigh many other forms of exercise with its unique ability to enrich the mind and invigorate the body; it connects you with your inner most and deepest self. It is for the ‘mind, body and soul’.

My classes are for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The classes consist of Chi Gung breathing exercises, Standing Chi Gung, Stretching exercises and the Tai Chi Foundation form of Master John Ding. More experienced students learn the Traditional Long Form. We work with posture testing and the application of the move.

I am a qualified instructor of the Master John Ding Academy based in London and have been practicing Tai Chi Chuan since 1997 and teaching since 2000.

I have taught at Health Clubs, Corporate Events, Cancer Help Centres and local schools.

Practising Tai Chi Chuan brings the mind, body and soul into balance. The body’s internal energy is able to flow throughout the body so the organs become healthier, as it works on the blood, bones and lymphatic system.



7.00 - 8.00


8.00 - 9.00

W I Hall, Edenbridge

Turn up 10 min early for Jasmine Tea

Comfortable clothing, flat shoes or slippers.