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A kaleidoscope is a cylinder with mirrors containing loose, coloured objects, such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass… as you look into one end, light entering at the other end creates a colourful pattern, due to the reflection from the mirrors,’ much like a mandala..

I love sitting by a pond, ~  enjoying a waterfall, ~ watching fish ~ a rose beginning to flower and open out ~ a bird tweaking at bits of weed to make a nest ~ all this is part of the same ‘energy’.  It makes you feel good… We are blessed, but we sometimes need to open our eyes, and our heart to see it, to feel it.

To Me this reflects Life..

We are all one: yet we cannot fully realise this ~ or can we.. Lots of drops of water, yet put together make a pool.  Like many petals on a flower…

Many cannot understand ‘war’.. but is our own ‘little world’ all at peace.. are there people you don’t speak to… Sometimes we have to learn to forgive the person, even if an action was wrong.  Yet maybe we are learning something as part of the whole process..

Why Kaleidoscope: Many facets; many colours; yet all part of the one; depending on the angle on which you are looking…

My work with Music, Tai Chi, Healing brings me to see and meet many different people; we all have an energy inside of us, that feels. If you look into someone’s eyes, what do you see?  There is more there than just the physical body ~ it is this ‘energy’ that is running through everything I believe in.